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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payment over the phone?

Unfortunately we do not currently accept payment over the phone for security and confidentiality purposes. You will be prompted to for payment after your listing is complete and submitted. Alternatively you can send a check for the required amount to our postal address, Caravan Finder Ltd, PO Box 195, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1BL

I don't have any photographs of my caravan or motorhome, can you help?

Being the largest caravan website in the UK and online for 14 years we have a huge library of caravans and motorhomes that we have professionally photographed. If we have your model in our database we can list your advert with our photographs at no extra charge. Just call us on 01394 548 500 to find out if we can help.

I'm not very tech-savvy, can I give my advert listing over the phone?

Unfortunately we don't provide this service because of problems and errors that can be caused by miscommunication, signal interruptions and human error. On the bright side we've made our system very easy to submit your listing with only a few steps.

I have photographs but I can't scan or email, can you help?

Yes! Just send you're photographs to us at Caravan Finder Ltd, PO Box 195, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1BL and we'll scan them in and add them to your listing. Ensure that you include small covering letter stating your name, phone number and address so we can find your advert. If you would like your photographs returned, please include a stamped addressed envelope.

I don't know how much to list my caravan or motorhome for, can you help?

Due to price fluctuations, trends and time of year we cannot provide a recommended listing price for any caravans or motorhomes. We suggest finding a similar model on our site and listing yours accordingly.

I haven't had any enquiries? What's wrong?

Maybe it's priced too high, perhaps it's the quality of photographs provided, maybe not enough descriptive text? Don't worry, if you want to change anything about your listing with us send us an email or give us a call on 01394 548 500.

How do I change my advert?

Simply give us a call or send us an email! There's absolutely no additional charge to make changes.

I can't remember my password...

Don't worry, we can verify your identity through other non-invasive ways. If you would like to make any changes to your advert just call us on 01394 548 500.

When will my advert go live?

We aim to get your advert live within 24 hours with the norm being less than 5 hours. We will contact you if there is any problem with payment, your photographs or anything else.

Trade Sellers - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Caravan Finder?

The price of joining is dependant on the amount of stock you intend to list and the amount of unique selling tools we provide you to promote your stock. To enquire about joining Caravan Finder call us on 01394 548 500 or email us [email protected]

I can't log in, what's wrong?

Although we strive to make every element of the Caravan Finder website universally accessible across all the browsers and computers, sometimes there are incompatibilities caused by Internet browser software updates or even lack of Internet browser updates. If you're still having trouble, call us on 01394 548 500