Selling Scam Warnings

Scam Alert

We would advise you not to have any further contact with these individuals and ignore/delete the emails.

Email Addresses Used:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Enquiry Text:
"i am responding due to the advert of your MotorHome for sale i declared my interest to buy your MotorHome i have seen the condition so let me know the last price you will sale the MotorHome to me."

Enquiry Text:
"My name is Allen,am interesting in your{caravan} now i want you to let me know the prices of it and i will like to know the mode of payment that you want,cause i want to pay by i want you to send the necessary information of the payment Account. pls this is urgent. Hope to hear from you soonest.Allen."

Enquiry Text:
"Hello, Good day to you am interested in buying your ( Items ) i want you to send me the last get back to me as soon as possible Thanks. Regards"

Scam Alert

Email Addresses Used:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Enquiry Text:
"what is the condition of the motorhome? what is your asking price?"
"available? asking price? what is the condition?"

Follow Up Email :


Thanks for the mail,

Am very much okay with the present condition of the CARAVAN IN QUESTION,i will be offering you £13,000 for the CARAVAN IN QUESTION.

My self and my wife will take care of the shipment we had already consult a private shipping agent who's going to handle it professionally for us both the shipping cost and other necessary activities concerning the shipment of the CARAVAN IN QUESTION.

The private shipping agent will come to your location and pick up the CARAVAN IN QUESTION after i have made payment to you via wire transfer but the shipping agent insisted to be paid for the shipping of the CARAVAN IN QUESTION by western union money transfer but have told him that i will add the shipping fee to your money and after you receive the payment by wire transfer then you then forward the money to the shipping agent to come for the pick up of the CARAVAN IN QUESTION in your location.

I will be adding an extra of £900.00 for shipping fee to the CARAVAN IN QUESTION price £13,000.

Kindly send me the requested information below so that i can transfer the funds to your account.

Account Holder:
Account Number:
sort code:
Bank Name:

I will really appreciates your assistance.

Scam Alert

Dear Caravan Finder Visitor,A recent scam attempt has been attempted by someone stating to be in Holland. The email is listed below. This is a scam. Please delete the email without responding to it. The scam email enquiry sent is :

Good day ,Compliments of the Season to you.
I'm Mrs Juliet B. from Holland.Me and my Husband are interested in your advert's for sale as soon as possible for our son's Birth Day as to make payment via UK BANKERS DRAFT IN GBP immediately.Shipping Arrangement will be taken care of by our Shipper Agent.

please we will appreciate your email me the following sale details for correspondings;
>>What is your lowest price ?
>>For how long have you been using it ?
>>How many owners dose it have ?.
>>I hope it is currently available for our purchase
>>Where is it presently located ?.
>> Do you have anymore pictures to show me? if any
Await your messages soon .
Mr & Mrs Bright"

Scam Alert

It is with regret to announce that we have received information regarding 2 scams which are currently being tried by various individuals/companies.

"Pay us £70 and we will pass your caravan/motorhome details on to our list of buyers"

I received a call this afternoon (Friday), from customer who is selling their caravan on Caravan Finder who informed me that they have been contacted by a company requesting approximately ?70 to have their caravan details forwarded to their extensive list of local buyers. These 'buyers' just happen to be desperate to buy a caravan just like the one the seller had for sale. They reported to be a finance company who had already arranged the finance package for their buyers who were simply waiting to purchase a caravan.

The selling of the caravan within the month and the return of the initial payment was promised. Credit card details are also requested for the initial payment. This is a scam.

Common amongst web sites where you are selling valuable items (particularly car web sites). Please be aware of individuals try to make money offering something that is too good to be true. We would like to thank the gentleman who brought this to our attention. Our goal is to find you a buyer, not give you a headache.

Scam Alert

  • The reported procedure starts by the said party requesting photographs of the caravan and a home address to send the cheque.
  • A cheque is then sent which is several thousand pounds over the asking price, say £3,000 for example.
  • At the same time of receiving the cheque in the post an email is also received indicating an accounting error has taken place and that the extra money was intended for the shipping agent (as the caravan is allegedly to be ship to the continent).
  • The email then requests that the caravan seller electronically wires the surplus money (£3,000) to an account which is given. This is requested immediately and before the cheque has a chance to clear. Which unfortunately never does.

Please be aware of shameful individuals who think nothing of robbing decent people in this scam such as this. Never release your caravan for sale until you have cleared funds or cash sitting in the palm of your hand.

We are currently in talks with the Police Fraud Squad and look forward to bringing you an update very soon.

Caravan Finder would also like to express our gratitude to the individuals who brought this to our attention.

If you know of any further scams please do not hesitate to contact us.

Graham Powell
Web Master
Caravan Finder
01394 610 061