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Display Awning on HUGE Sale!

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An Awning is a delightful addition to your caravan holiday. It’s like an extra room, an extra source of shelter. It can house your bike, it can be where you dry off your soggy dog from a wet walk, it can be a makeshift dining room for the family, it can even be an additional spot for sleeping space. 

With so many ways you can use them, where do you even begin? 

First and foremost, you need to be sure that the awning will actually fit your caravan. The most important measurements you need are the height of the caravan floor above the ground and the total length of the awning. You can usually get away with a small 10cm difference in most cases, but it’s best to keep the right size. 

The next thing to consider is what kind of awning you’re looking for. They come in several different shapes and sizes, to meet different wants and needs. There are as follows:

  • Full Caravan Awnings. These are the biggest you can get, and cover the entire length of your caravan. They are massive and can often double your space, however they can be very heavy, especially if they are weather resistant. 

  • Porch Awnings. They are usually much smaller than full caravan awnings, as they don’t cover the entire length of the van. While their size choice can be slightly more limited, they are much easier to put up and bring down than their larger counterparts. 

  • Canopies. They are very quick and easy to set up and can often stretch the full width of the caravan; they can even be fitted ONTO the caravan for convenience! However, most canopies don’t have sides and as such do not offer wind protection or any real privacy. There are some that do have sides, but still may not serve well in harsh weather as they will need to be wound back to the caravan for protection. 

If between these options you happen to be looking for a Full Caravan Awning, we have a very special deal for you! 

Our display Isabella Capri North A1050 has served us well for a while, but now it needs a new home. We’re dropping its price from £2713.20 all the way down to £1995! It’s an absolute steal for such a big and high quality awning, including its Carbon X Frame! 

This spacious awning makes an absolutely perfect addition to your home on wheels, it provides you with an extra room that’s just as long and possibly just as wide as your caravan! It’s ideal for a dining space or perhaps even a few sleeping bags instead. 

Don’t miss your chance to grab this awning at such a steal; it has ONLY been used for display, so is essentially brand new! 

We will be selling further stock of this awning in future, as well as a variation in a smaller size. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, and watch our YouTube video to see the scale of this fabulous awning! 

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