Selling on Caravan Finder

Terms and Conditions of Selling your caravan, motorhome or static caravan on

  • 1. Caravan Finder is a family site. Each entry is validated and will appear once payment has been received.
  • 2. Caravan Finder retains the right to remove any article without warning.
  • 3. I confirm that I am the legal owner of the caravan being sold.
  • 4. I confirm that the details and description given are accurate.
  • 5. I agree to contact Caravan Finder once the vehicle is sold, or when I decide I want the entry removed from the web.
  • 6. Caravan Finder Ltd accepts no responsibility for any entry placed on this site.
  • 7. The advertiser advertising his or her personal details does so entirely at their own risk.
  • 8. Individual photos may only contain one image.
  • 9. Website addresses are not permitted in privates adverts and will be removed.
  • 10. Additional wording/advertisement embedded inside photos is prohibited.
  • 11. Advertiser must agree that enquiries received are for the sole purpose for the sale and purchase of the vehicle and cannot be stored for any other reason.
(* All prices include VAT)