Series 2 Episode 26 -
First Broadcast:-7th January 2013

For the final episode of series 2, we've got the second part of our 2 part special from America, which has been filmed for the first time for UK television.
Graham shows us more caravans and motorhomes from the Louisville RV trade show in Kentucky, plus there's also a selection of highlights from series 2.

Series 2 Episode 25 -
First Broadcast:-2nd January 2013

We're in America tonight for the first in a two part special. For the first time ever on UK television, Graham shows us a stunning selection of caravans and motorhomes from the Louisville RV trade show in Kentucky.
If you've ever wondered how different the American leisure vehicle industry is from the UK market, then you won't want to miss this.

Series 2 Episode 24 -
First Broadcast:-10th December 2012

Graham looks at a selection of quality used caravans to suit a variety of budgets.
Starting from as little as ?4,000 we'll show you what sort of deals are available on the market, so that you can get the most for your money. As an extra bonus, we also get our hands on a ?50,000 luxury Motorhome.

Series 2 Episode 23 -
First Broadcast:-26th November 2012

There's a European feel in the air as we're at the Caravan Salon in Germany, Europe's largest motorhome & caravan show.
Graham takes a look at some of the highlights from the week long show, including some stunning models from some of Europe's leading manufacturers. Plus we also find out how easy it is to build your own caravan.

Series 2 Episode 22 -
First Broadcast:-12th November 2012

We've got tents, awnings and accessories this week as Graham visits the Outdoor Trade Show. The show takes place just outside Coventry and with public access being restricted, Caravan Finder managed to get an exclusive look at what's new on the market for 2013.
Plus we show you how you can find 2012 caravan models at bargain prices and take a look at some upcoming shows to watch out for in 2013.

Series 2 Episode 21 -
First Broadcast:-29th October 2012

In tonight's episode we're at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham. It's the biggest show of it's kind and Caravan Finder TV were there to bring you some of the most interesting, inventive and stylish caravan and motorhomes on display for the first time.

Series 2 Episode 20 -
First Broadcast:-15th October 2012

Last year, Graham was invited to observe a police operation on the M5, that focused on educating the public on Caravan safety. A year later and he's been invited to another operation, this time on the M27 just outside Southampton in Hampshire.
He catches up with Tim Booth from the AVCIS, who takes us through some of the checks they undertake on the vehicles they stop and provides some helpful caravan safety tips.

Series 2 Episode 19 -
First Broadcast:-1st October 2012

If you've never considered a holiday home is right for you, then this episode might just change your mind. Graham travels to the annual Holiday Home Show in Beaulieu, located on the south coast just outside Southampton, to see what's new for Statics in 2013.
He looks at a selection of new models, ranging from the luxurious and lavish, to the more accessible quality for the everyday person. Plus Graham finds out how holiday home ownership has the potential to generate an income through out the year.

Series 2 Episode 18 -
First Broadcast:-17th September 2012

The 2013 season is very much underway and the start of September saw the first big public event, the Lawns Caravan show, where the general public could get a first look at 2013 models.
Many of the UK's leading manufacturers from the leisure vehicle industry had their own stands at the show and in this episode, we take a look at some of the latest models from Elddis, Lunar and Swift.

Series 2 Episode 17 -
First Broadcast:-3rd September 2012

The second of two special episodes, Graham continues his trip to France with his caravan and family, showing you just how easy the whole process is.
This week, he takes a look at a further selection of holiday parks and attractions that are located closer to the coast.

Series 2 Episode 16 -
First Broadcast:-20th August 2012

Ever considered traveling over to Europe with your caravan or motorhome, but have been put off by the idea that perhaps it may be too confusing and difficult? Well hopefully this episode may change your mind.
The first of two special episodes, Graham takes his caravan & family over to France, to show you how easy the process is. Plus he looks at a selection of holiday parks and samples the local culture.

Series 2 Episode 15 -
First Broadcast:-6th August 2012

Excitement is certainly in the air as next season's caravans and motorhomes begin to be unveiled. This week is the turn of Coachman Caravans to showcase what's new for them in 2013.
We speak to Coachman's Technical director, to find out exactly what we can expect from their new models and we take a closer look at three brand new layouts.

Series 2 Episode 14 -
First Broadcast:-23rd July 2012

It's that time of year when we first get to see a preview of the 2013 models! We're invited to a scenic location just outside Coventry by Adria where we take a tour of the latest caravans and motorhomes.
We also talk to the Adria dealers for their expert insight on the latest designs and developments on models that you'll see entering the UK market in the coming year.

Series 2 Episode 13 -
First Broadcast:-9th July 2012

Ever looked at your leisure vehicle and thought it needed a bit of a makeover? We travel to Nottingham to show you how in just one day, you can completely transform and replace your worn out upholstery and give your vehicle a new lease of life.
This episode follows on from when we visited a textile mill in Belgium last year, to see how leisure vehicle fabrics were made and if you missed it, do check out issue 8 of our online magazine.

Series 2 Episode 12 -
First Broadcast:-25th June 2012

In this weeks episode we have a world exclusive! This year saw a new concept caravan, with a full slide out side, step into the UK market. The Eterniti Caravans. First we saw a prototype model in February this year that excited the public.
Now in June 2012, we catch up with Eterniti Caravans at their factory in Widnes to see how they have progressed. We're guided through the creation process, ideas behind the company and insight into the manufacturing process similar to how US caravans are built and unique to the UK market.

Series 2 Episode 11 -
First Broadcast:-11th June 2012

Starting your own dealership involves a lot of hard work and this week, we find out exactly what's involved. We visit Holbrook Leisure, a new dealership in Norfolk that over the past several months, have transformed an empty plot of land into a brand new sales and service centre.
Plus we also get the chance to compare the new Venus caravans to the Bailey and Elddis rivals and we find out how the latest government U-turn on VAT for static caravans has effected the industry.

Series 2 Episode 10 -
First Broadcast:-28th May 2012

Owning a small car doesn't mean that you can't caravan! In this episode Graham takes a look at some ultra lightweight models that can be towed by smaller cars. There's even one that can be towed by a bike!
Also in this episode we take a look at something that might excite you if you're into camping (or glamping) at Blackmore Vale Leisure. On site you have the possibility to stay in an imported official Yurt, Tepee and more...

Series 2 Episode 09 -
First Broadcast:-14th May 2012

Summer's just around the corner and now is the time to start planning your holiday. So with that in mind, we take a look at some examples of great deals you can expect to find at your local dealership.
Plus Graham takes you through some top tips, that will help you be better prepared for your holiday and we travel to Kent, to find out more about a company who have a range of vintage caravans for hire.

Series 2 Episode 08 -
First Broadcast:-30th April 2012

Last year, Graham took us on a guided tour of the Alde factory in Sweden. Several months later the Alde wet central heating system has grown considerably in popularity. So much so that Alde UK have opened a brand new headquarters and in this episode, Graham takes you on a guided tour at the opening ceremony.
Also we take a trip to a rural village in Suffolk, to find out how important an Avondale caravan is to a special charity, providing local support to isolated villages in the region.

Series 2 Episode 07 - Police Operation
First Broadcast:-16th April 2012

Joining a caravan club can certainly provide you with some excellent benefits and allow you to share your caravan experience, with plenty of like minded individuals.

In this episode, Graham joins the two big caravan clubs & compares their welcome packs. Plus we show you some alternative clubs you can join and we take a closer look at two parks on the UK coast to consider for a caravanning holiday. We also take a peak at the new Airstream caravan, recently released for the European market.

Series 2 Episode 06 -
First Broadcast:-2nd April 2012

Tonight is a big one for Graham, as he takes delivery of his brand new caravan and shows you what you can expect from a family caravan adventure, by visiting Westwood Caravan Park in Suffolk. We also take a look at The Oaks Caravan Park (just down the road from Westwood Caravan Park), an adult only caravan park with seasonal pitches available.

Series 2 Episode 05 -
First Broadcast:-19th March 2012

Want to buy a caravan or motorhome but don't think you can afford a great model? Don't worry, in this episode we take you on a tour around some great used models at some great prices. We look at 3 caravans and 3 motorhomes inside and out, looking at all the unique features of these used models and finding out exatcly what you get for your money.

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Series 2 Episode 04 -
First Broadcast:-5th March 2012

Caravans, Motorhomes, Holiday homes and much more. There's something for everyone in this weeks episode, as we take a look at some of the highlights from the recent Motorhome Caravan and Camping Show. The show took place for the first time at ExCeL London and drew in crowds from all over the country.
The show was jam packed with new releases from the likes of Bailey, Elddis, Bentley and Wessex, plus we even get a first look at the brand new Venus and Karrivan caravans which had their unveiling at the show.

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Series 2 Episode 03 -
First Broadcast:-20th February 2012

This week we're in Scotland, as we bring you the highlights from the Scottish Caravan and Outdoor Leisure Show. We look at a new model from Scotland's East Neuk Campervans, a company that manufacture small caravans designed to be towed by the smaller cars.
We get taken on a tour of the highlights of owning a panel van Globecar motorhome with Peter Hertzberg. Also in this programme we look inside a selection of Hobby Caravans on display at the show and a find out about the new Silverdyke Caravan Park coming soon.

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Series 2 Episode 02 -
First Broadcast:-6th February 2012

This week we bring you highlights from the Manchester Caravan & Motorhome Show 2012 at Event City. Take a journey with us as Swift, Coachman and Sterling will be unveiling their new models and layouts for 2012.
We also take a first look at the new Eterniti Caravans, a brand new caravan manufacturer with a range of 4 slide-out models. We speak with Phil Daniels, Managing Director, about the journey from the idea conception, to manufacturing to caravan launch.

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Series 2 Episode 01 -
First Broadcast:-23rd January 2012

Kicking off the new series, Caravan Finder TV looks at your new caravan lifestyle from the ground up. Speaking with professionals from the industry, we go through in detail all the essentials you'll need to know.
We take a look at some key accessories every caravanner should have and whether you've been caravanning for many years, or you've just bought your first caravan, we share a few handy tips that may help your caravan experience.

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