Series 3 Episode 26 -
First Broadcast:-6th January 2014

To end series 3 we travel to America and visit the Airstream Caravan Factory. A world exclusive as all areas were open to us so see how this iconic American caravan is made.

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Series 3 Episode 25 -
First Broadcast:-23rd December 2013

This week Graham shows the highlights of series 3. We see the new to old, big to small of caravans and motorhomes from around the world.

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Series 3 Episode 24 -
First Broadcast:-9th December 2013

For anyone who is on the fence about buying their first caravan for 2014 this episode is for you. This week Graham looks at 6 caravans under £8,500. There are some amazing caravans out there!.

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Series 3 Episode 23 -
First Broadcast:-25th November 2013

This week to find out how a caravan gets a Grade 3 Thermal Classification and we take two caravans to minus 32 degrees Centigrade. Wrap up warm!

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Series 3 Episode 22 -
First Broadcast:-11th November 2013

Part 2 from the Motorhome and Caravan Show. This time we look at a new caravan from Eterniti Caravans, what's available for wheelchair users and we find out how easy it is to tow a caravan.

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Series 3 Episode 21 -
First Broadcast:-28th October 2013

We're at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC, the largest in the UK. See what's new from Bailey Caravans, an IH Motorhome panel van with a slide out and a new Wildax panel van for just £23K

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Series 3 Episode 20 -
First Broadcast:-14th October 2013

Tonight we explore the what's new for static holiday homes and lodges in the UK for 2014. We see what's available from £29,000 to over £100,000. From the small to the huge!

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Series 3 Episode 19 -
First Broadcast:-30th September 2013

Graham travels to the Caravan Salon, Europe's largest caravan & motorhome show. See what's new from Europe for the 2014, a stunning concept caravan from Knaus & a motorhome costing over £700,000.

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Series 3 Episode 18 -
First Broadcast:-16th September 2013

This week it's the turn to see what Lunar and Swift have in store for the 2014 season. This also includes a new range of motorhomes from the Swift Group.

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Series 3 Episode 17 -
First Broadcast:-2nd September 2013

This week Graham travels to see what's new from the Elddis Group for the 2014 season. This includes a new compact motorhome range and the return of Compass caravans.

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Series 3 Episode 16 -
First Broadcast:-19th August 2013

This week Graham takes a look at the new 2014 caravans from Coachman including the new replacement for the Amara range.

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Series 3 Episode 15 -
First Broadcast:-5th August 2013

The 2014 season is nearly upon us & tonight its the turn of Adria to see their new caravans and motorhomes, including an ultra narrow motorhome, their new Adora and new top of the range caravan.

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Series 3 Episode 14 -
First Broadcast:-22nd July 2013

We have another special episode where we're with the Highways Agency again. This time we're joining the Traffic Officers on a patrol of the M5 on a busy Friday afternoon to find out how they keep traffic flowing and what other services they offer.

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Series 3 Episode 13 -
First Broadcast:-8th July 2013

This week we get an exclusive look behind the scenes of England's road networks with the Highways Agency. The Highways Agency are the people responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the road network, but that's not all. You'll be amazed at how much work goes on that you never see.

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Series 3 Episode 12 -
First Broadcast:-24th June 2013

World Exclusive. Graham catches up with Eterniti Caravans, the UK company who makes caravans with slide out sides and sees how far they have progressed in the last 12 months.

Series 3 Episode 11 -
First Broadcast:-10th June 2013

After 5 weeks and 2,500 miles, Graham takes a look at why it's so important to have your caravan serviced every year.
Plus, Graham decides to to have some new gadgets fitted to his caravan that are guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

Series 3 Episode 10 -
First Broadcast:-28th May 2013

We have a special episode this week! It's the first time you'll be able to see new 2014 motorhomes models from Adria directly from Slovenia in a world exclusive press event.
>And because we're in Slovenia we show you some of the highlights of the country...

Series 3 Episode 09 -
First Broadcast:-13th May 2013

In the latest episode, the sun is shining and we travel to a dealership to take a look at a couple of caravans that wont break the bank.
>With BBQ season just around the corner, we take a closer look at some motorhomes that are on the market right now at very different prices and and there's also a rather special motorhome treat in store! This one's for the lads...

Series 3 Episode 08 -
First Broadcast:-29th April 2013

Tonight we explore some used caravans with a budget to suit everyone. Graham takes a look at 6 second-hand caravans to demonstrate what you get for your money plus we find out about a club for those who are on their own but still want to go out in a caravan or motorhome.

Series 3 Episode 07 -
First Broadcast:-15th April 2013

Graham is back in America and this time in the RV Capital of the World, Elkhart, Indiana. There's an extra special tour around the RV / Motorhome Hall of fame, a complex showcasing over 50 caravans, motorhomes and some really unique models that you have never seen before.

Series 3 Episode 06 -
First Broadcast:-1st April 2013

Graham revisits Family Travel Centre in Bristol and finds out from Matt Sims and Matt Hunt how the business has developed over the last 2 years as well as looking at some of the latest 2013 Adria motorhomes.
In part 2, Graham looks at those all important safety items one should always update and have within their mobile home and talks to a couple buying a new caravan at South Lincs Leisure.

Series 3 Episode 05 -
First Broadcast:-18th March 2013

Graham presents a 2 berth new caravan special from the Spring Caravan and Camping Show in Birmingham. We look at 10 models range between £10,000 and £22,000 each with their own unique features and furnishings.
There's also an interview with Tim Booth on some important changes to the driving licence.

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Series 3 Episode 04 -
First Broadcast:-4th March 2013

Graham heads to the Birmingham NEC for the Spring Caravan and Camping Show. He finds out all about Dometics' line of cool boxes and takes a look around some exciting new motorhomes.

Series 3 Episode 03 -
First Broadcast:-18th February 2013

Graham travels to Glasgow to visit the largest caravan and motorhome show in Scotland. He meets wildlife TV presenter Simon King, sees two new Bailey caravans as well as a caravan with a bathtub.

Series 3 Episode 02 -
First Broadcast:-4th February 2013

Graham travels to the North West to visit the Manchester Caravan & Motorhome Show. We take an in depth look at 6 new caravans from the Swift Group, chat with show director Sam North and meet some caravanners who are obsessed with caravanning.

Series 3 Episode 01 -
First Broadcast:-21st January 2013

It's a brand new series and we're kicking things off by having a party. Graham travels up to Derbyshire for the grand opening of a new climate testing chamber, that has been built and funded by two of the biggest names in leisure vehicle heating, Alde and Truma.
Plus we look around the Truma UK headquarters and see just how far caravan heating systems have come over the past 50 years.